Friday, October 19, 2007

3 Circuit Bends

Here are three circuit bends that have been waiting around for awhile for me to get finished.

This would be my first bend. It has the least in the way of switches and such. That said, I think it is the most "usable", although i suppose circuit bending isn't exactly aiming at usability. It has the added benefit of three contact points and a nice little led flicker.

I had red spray paint. I used it.
It helps.
This has three tiny push button switches that I accidentally bought from jameco. Luckily they were useful. If pressed a few times they trigger some rather nasty unstoppable loops. They are quite unpredictable and sometimes just kill the circuit. One can hear an example of a non circuit killing loop towards the end of the sound sample. The sample is played on an annoying widget.
It has ads.
I have to fix that.

I about fried this thing ten times over but luckily it survived. This keyboard has a sweet sampling function that I was never able to fully exploit to make it do something other than what it was intended. Someday maybe.

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