Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Circuit Bent Speak and Math

I was lucky enough to receive this Speak and Math from a customer at Borders. Somehow we went from me inquiring about a book on Latin he had to talking about circuit bending and him offering me a speak and math in one latte purchasing transaction. I have been working on it between projects and finally called it done this week.

The unit has 5 glitches, 2 loops, a pitch bend, a circuit killer, and one glitch that seems to be self-propelled. It seems to continue to produce randomness indefinitely.

Here is a video of it with some gloved person at the controls. I cut it up to avoid the boredom of watching someone fumbles with switches.

While this site has the bends on the speak and math mapped out somewhat (under schematics/circuitbending), the schematic in mine varied somewhat. Unfortunately, I waited until after I was done soldering everything together to take a picture of the circuit. Nevertheless, one should be able to decipher the connections.

Thanks to Tom the kind customer and professor of philosophy who donated the speak and math.


Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between the two loops? Do they they go to two different switches?

seansaidplay said...

The two loops just sound a bit different. They do indeed go to two different switches.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you labled them correctly? Cause I tried both of your looping marks and thier both glitches.

seansaidplay said...

I suppose one could say they are glitchy loops. They repeat but not cleanly. I would check it but it is a few hundred miles away.

Moof said...

Hey, I notice you have a 500k pot set up for bending pitch. Where did you solder the ground wire to? Or didn't you?
Thanks from 2012!