Friday, September 5, 2008

The Comida of Guatemala

I cannot pretend to be an expert on much in Guatemala except maybe at eating vegan at various comedors across the country. I eat a slight variation of the same thing over and over again. I have not grown tired of it. I do find myself looking for the perfect plato tipico vegatariono though.

So, maybe occasioanly I will check with how I am doing on that venture.

This is from a comedor/tienda in Nebaj. I have had pretty good experience with tiendas that function as comedors as well. This was 15Q ($2) which is the norm. No guacamol or plantains but whole beans are a sad rarity and the picante was good.

I just got into Nebaj from Chichicastenago. Along the way I lost one of my camera cards containing a couple of other places (and everything else.)

In Chichi, in the market are a number of outdoor comedors. There, it was rice beans and tortillas for 5Q. They make blue corn tortillas out in the open as well. One of my favorite sounds from Guatemala is the endless clapping of the tortilla makers stamping out the dough. Again, with the lesser recorder:

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