Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am almost confident that this is an example of graffiti

This is some graffiti (?) from Nebaj I rather liked. I live and I will live.

As a photographer, in a photograph of graffiti I am supposed to include a person, preferibly blurred out a bit as they rumble on by. If it was an anti-capitalist message then the person should be a buisnessman. This would provide contrast and have the viewer think about the relationship between the message and the person.
You think: Does this person walking by think about what the message says? Do then even read it? If they do, does it make them second guess the decisions they have made in their lives that led them to this point? Or are they just disgusted with how out of control the city is getting with graffiti while they are on the way to the bank to transfer some funds before their banks collapses?

This photo doesn´t do any of that.

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