Monday, November 3, 2008

Todos Santos Cuchumatan

On the waning days of the trip, I was lucky enough to catch the yearly horse races at Todos Santos Cuchumatan, during All Saints Day. I cannot pretend to be an expert on the races and the importance/relavence to the town. I was just another tourist there and took some pictures. There is some literature out there explaining the town and the history of the races. Seek it.

Todos Santos is widely noted, though, for excessive alcohol consumption, to the point that the town was forced to go dry a few months ago. Plenty of aguardiente was blackmarketed in for the festival though, as drinking is an important part of the festivites. If I felt like, it I could have taken a million pictures of men passed out in the street. I didn´t feel like it much, for one reason or another.

Ok, I took one.

Here is what I took otherwise.

At the end is a sound sample.

The day was divided up into two sets of races. Clouds took over for the second half of the day.

Note whilst listening, the horses run back and forth along a half mile track. There is no keeping track of times or a winner. They just run back and forth for hours, a bit of a test of drunken endurance more than speed.

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