Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Gentleman

lives up the street from my hotel in San Pedro. He is always either in the window or out front greeting every person with a buenos dias, shaking hands, yelling it to people from behind if he has to. I wish he was on every street.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Facing Uncertain

potential in Coban. A bit of an accidental self-portrait I must admit. Just a bit. If you had asked me, I would of agreed that this outcome might have been a possibilty.

I am almost confident that this is an example of graffiti

This is some graffiti (?) from Nebaj I rather liked. I live and I will live.

As a photographer, in a photograph of graffiti I am supposed to include a person, preferibly blurred out a bit as they rumble on by. If it was an anti-capitalist message then the person should be a buisnessman. This would provide contrast and have the viewer think about the relationship between the message and the person.
You think: Does this person walking by think about what the message says? Do then even read it? If they do, does it make them second guess the decisions they have made in their lives that led them to this point? Or are they just disgusted with how out of control the city is getting with graffiti while they are on the way to the bank to transfer some funds before their banks collapses?

This photo doesn´t do any of that.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Busdrivers of Guatemala

I am not about to get in the buisness of stealing photographs and reviewing the various chicken bus drivers of Guatemala, tempting as it may be. This gentleman, though, seemed to me to epitomise what a chicken bus driver should look like. On the way to Nebaj we hit a 30 minute construction delay and he took a smokebreak, as I expected.

He also might have my camera bag and memory cards.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Comida of Guatemala

I cannot pretend to be an expert on much in Guatemala except maybe at eating vegan at various comedors across the country. I eat a slight variation of the same thing over and over again. I have not grown tired of it. I do find myself looking for the perfect plato tipico vegatariono though.

So, maybe occasioanly I will check with how I am doing on that venture.

This is from a comedor/tienda in Nebaj. I have had pretty good experience with tiendas that function as comedors as well. This was 15Q ($2) which is the norm. No guacamol or plantains but whole beans are a sad rarity and the picante was good.

I just got into Nebaj from Chichicastenago. Along the way I lost one of my camera cards containing a couple of other places (and everything else.)

In Chichi, in the market are a number of outdoor comedors. There, it was rice beans and tortillas for 5Q. They make blue corn tortillas out in the open as well. One of my favorite sounds from Guatemala is the endless clapping of the tortilla makers stamping out the dough. Again, with the lesser recorder:

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Typical

top of a volcano pic. I am not one for "scenery" pics usually but, whatever, I hiked the damn thing.

Along the way, we hiked by some areas where Mayan rituals are still performed. My better recorder gave out for a bit so I had to use the other hence the less then ideal recording. Nevertheless, this is one one sounded like:

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With the bus stopped in Quetzaltenango, a man jumped on selling some magic cream for healing about everything. I caught the last part of his sales pitch, right about when he was losing energy. No takers:

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At The Beach One Day

I am on the slowest computer in the planet I think, trying to edit photos on MS Paint. Not exactly ideal but I shouldn´t complain.

This is from a few hours at the beach on Lake Atitlan.