Monday, February 25, 2008

Canvas Minus Text

In an earlier post when I was discussing the various manners in which I have been taking font/text/symbols apart, 'eradication' was mentioned as one method. If ever one was a keen observer, they would note that this had not been out into practice. I, in the back of my mind, had some concept of what that could mean. Luckily, it meant having to buy a Dremmel and relieving the canvas of gesso.

If you were to have trouble seeing what is going on here, I will tell you. I naively bought some very cheap canvas at an art supply store only to find it was primed, rendering it fairly useless to me. That led to directly to this piece where I could rid the terrible canvas of its worse gesso. A Dremmel works perfectly for eliminating that 1/32" of gesso on canvas if you are ever wondering.

In the end, it is a work achieved only through subtraction. (At least on my behalf.) This manner should continue.

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